I am a Designer, Art Director, Illustrator, Trapeze Artist*, Octopus Impersonator, and Inventor of the Average High Five.


Years of experience in branding, advertising, print and interactive design has turned me into a multi-purpose, no complaints, make it happen capt’n designer. After graduating from Texas Christian University with a BFA in graphic design I began my career at a great little agency in Dallas, and have since worked in-house and freelance, too. I am currently employed full-time as art director/designer at a pretty amazing company.


I love taking freelance projects as time allows, so give me your tired logo, your poor website, your huddled t-shirt designs yearning to breathe free… I will design the heck out of them! I look forward to working with you- let’s talk!


*That one is just a dream. The rest are true though.